Services offered by Ekonapędy.

 We offer services in the field of designing, selection and technical support in preparation of assistive drives intended to mount on platforms and industrial trolleys.

Electric Drive, built in Low-Speed BLDC Motors technology (with integrated polyurethane treadmill), which is in-wheel Motor, was designed, with security in mind, to increase efficiency of work in industrial transport systems.

Our solutions, intended for mounting in industrial trolleys, provide support for the operator’s work and effort and meets the requirements of newest Health and Safety Regulations, which is mandatory to support operator’s work when he is supposed to push industrial trolley of weight more than 450 kg.

What do we offer?

  • Motor selection for Customer applications, supplied by voltage from 24V to 48V DC,
  • polyurethane treadmill diameters from 200mm,
  • smooth speed control,
  • supplying voltage by battery charged from the mains or during trolley towing.

What makes us stand out?

  • knowedgle,
  • innovation,
  • many years of experience on the electric vehicles market.

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