Ekonapedy ‘s activity is bounded with widely understood electromobility. We specialize in selection, designing and application of electric drives in various work environments accordingly to clients expectations. We offer:

  • inrunner and outrunner BLDC motors,
  • BLDC motor controllers, batteries made in various technologies (LiFePO4, Li-ION, NCM) with voltage between 24V-48V,
  • chargers to Li-ION and NCM batteries, like these used in BMW i3 and BMW i8,
  • electric drives for industrial trolleys, wheelchairs, boats, light vehicles, motorbikes, trikes, bikes and barrows.

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Recommended products

BLDCH 8,6kW/72V

BLDCH 8,6kW/72V on board motor, liquid cooling,  for conversion of motobikes, scooters, small cars, boats, quads and other light vehicles […]

Type: 4150RPM, Eff 83,2%, 23,2Nm/135AmaxWeight : 10,6
2100 PLN

One wheel electric scooter

One wheel electric scooter,   one person electric vehicle with giroscopic system 40 x45cm, up t0 120kg rider weight, 18km/h max, […]

Weight : 9,8 kg
SALE! 1000 PLN



Consulting, training and support.

We provide technical support in implementation of innovative electromobility projects.
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