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 Ekonapędy company, based in Warsaw-Pyry, is active on EV market since 2007. Ekonapędy is official dealer of the CRYSTALYTE company, in Poland.

Additionally, the Ekonapędy company offers other, well known components such as GOLDEN MOTOR products, as well as a complete sets of electric drive systems (for self-assembly) for many different vehicles and innovative devices.

Mission- main message.

 Using the newest technologies we promote and offer: economically viable, energy-efficient and user-friendly solutions for the electric drives as well as for many types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, rickshas, transport trucks and industrial electrically supported carts and special vehicles. Our offer is addressed to all the people who think in a responsible way about energy resources and their rational use by modern means of personal transportation, respecting the needs of current and future users of the environment.
With the solutions offered by us the benefits and satisfaction with the operation of vehicles take on a totally new dimension. We offer wide technical support to our innovative customers in development and implementation of BLDC drives and power generators.

Mounted auxiliary electric motor in a bicycle, gives the possibility to dispose of more than 3-time greater potential of energy with respect to the possibility of ordinary cyclist. Coverting the combustion engine in your car into electric motor you can reduce more then 6 times the fuel cost as well as drameticaly reduce other expences.
For those who prefer an extreme effort on a bicycle, as well as for those who prefers moderation of effort by fully controlled electric drives such solution provides comfort of choice which both; increase of personal load (when required) or incredible dynamics of driving (available in any moment) as well as saving of more important value, which is your own time.
In addition to saving the time as a unique value, an electric drive dramatically reduces the cost spent on commuting to school, work.
By shortening the time to commute and by beeing free to abstain from deep effort, significantly reduces the wearer’s exposure to toxic effects, mostly produced by combustion engines on the streets of cities.

Our goal is to promote the large scale idea of usage the environmentally friendly, alternative, modern, available technology in all types of vehicles, that can replace the ineffective, low-energy-efficient, economically unjustified, harmful to the environment drives, which are directly dependent on imported oil horrible affairs.

We aim to reduce harmful mechanism for national development, ie. the loosing of huge private and public funds for the purchase of oil and making the subsequent multi-generational, destructive and irreversible impact on the environment as well as on the economy, through constant growth and the volatility of oil prices. Such unstability has strong impact on other oil  price dependants, as  transportation and many other basic goods, what consequently makes unpredictable and uncontrollabe conditions for main businesses as well as for development of national economy.
Providing mutual benefit in relations with our customers and continuous offer improvement
as well as functionality of our products, is the our long-term strategy.

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