Golden Motor FMagic Pie3 24V/36V/48V 250-1000W/24V-:-48V


8,6 kg
1300 PLN (netto)

Golden Motor MagicPie5 1kW 48V in-rim Motor (Kod: 923)

Golden Motor MagicPie5 1kW 48V in-rim Motor.

(tire not included)

Golden Motor MagicPie5 1kW 48V Brushless DC in-wheel motor is geraless, rated power: 1kW, supply voltage: 48V. Equipped in internal, programmable controller and additional equipment. Rim sizes: form 16″ to 20″. Intended for working as a front- or rearwheel drive of a bicycle.

Rated power is 0,5kW when supplied by 36V or 1kW when supplied by 48V.


  • Internal controller.
  • Programmable supply voltage between 24V or 48V.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Possible to attach a brake disc!

Additionaly included:

  • accelerator,
  • brake levers – cutting off the power supply,
  • cruise control.

Rear wheel drive without freewheel.


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