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BLDCH 25kW / 72V-:-120V ( 50kW max) liquid cooled(Kod: 958)

BLDCH 20kW 72V 120V HPM 20KL. Onboard engine BLDCH 20kW 72V 120V with nominal power of 20kW (the peak power is 50kW). […]

Type: 3200-:-5000RPM, Eff >90%, 80Nm (160Nm max) 50kW peak powerWeight : 39,5
7 850 PLN (netto) more

BLDCH 17kW 96V Dual-stator(Kod: 956)

BLDCH 17kW 96V Dual-stator. Motor BLDCH 17kW 96V Dual-stator with rated power of 17kW, supply voltage: 96V. Equipped in dual stator, liquid […]

Type: 5200RPM, Eff 85%, 38,5Nm/190AmaxWeight : 17
3300 PLN (netto) more

BLDCH 10kW 48V Dual-stator(Kod: 954)

Motor BLDCH 10kW 48V Dual-Stator. BLDCH 10kW 48V Dual – Stator Motor with rated power of 10kW. Supply voltage is 48V. […]

Type: 35500RPM, Eff 85,2%, 27,4Nm/250AmaxWeight : 17
3200 PLN (netto) more

BLDCH 8,6kW 72V(Kod: 952)

BLDCH 8,6kW 72V Motor. BLDCH 8,6kW 72V Motor with rated power of 8,6kW, supply voltage is 72V. Equipped in liquid cooling […]

Type: 4150RPM, Eff 83,2%, 23,2Nm/135AmaxWeight : 10,6
2100 PLN (netto) more

BLDCH 5kW 48V(Kod: 950)

BLDCH 5kW 48V Motor. BLDCH 5kW 48V Motor with rated power of 5kW, supply voltage is 48V. Equipped in air […]

Type: 3530RPM, Eff 85,2%, 13,9Nm/125A maxWeight : 10,6
2000 PLN (netto) more